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About Us

OAK srl was founded in 2013 as a spin-off of a firm of professionals who had been working as tax and accounting consultants since the 90’s. Interpreting the need of many Italian companies to enter new markets, OAK specialised in consulting for internationalisation.

The letters of the name OAK stand for the services the company delivers to its clients: Overview, Advice and Knowledge, at the same time as the oak tree symbolises life, growth, strength and virtue. Considered an omen of good fortune in ancient times, it is also a tree associated with wisdom and knowledge. Every day we aspire to be as solid as an oak for our clients.

We work closely with businesses and individual professionals as they take on the challenges of their own particular markets, in order to afford them the freedom of being able to focus on their jobs without being weighed down by problems to which we can offer real, practical solutions of considerable added value, contributing to fully informed growth and achievement of goals.


Holder of a degree in economics and business from the University of Rome’s La Sapienza Campus, he also earned a master’s in international tax and business law from the Tor Vergata University of Rome.
With his more than twenty years of experience of consulting on taxes, finance, management and accounting, Fabio Massimi is the founder and head of OAK srl.

His work as a consultant to a wide range of Italian and foreign companies, together with his network of international contacts, have led him to hold a number of important positions as the CFO, or as a board member or managing director, of corporations, foundations and organisations in the third sector.
With his in-depth knowledge of markets, over the years he has accumulated extensive experience in corporate finance, specialising in the field of internationalisation.

In 2013, his ability to identify business opportunities, acknowledged by all the companies that have drawn on his services over the years, led him to found OAK srl. 
Since 2000, Fabio Massimi has also been a statutory auditor for corporations and non-profit associations, serving on boards of auditors as the chairman or a member, or holding the position of sole auditor.

Entered on the Rolls of Auditors of the Italian National Olympic Committee, he is the former Chairman of the Oversight Commission of the Sporting Associations of the Italian Boxing Federation, as well as the current Chairman of the Board of Auditors of the Italian National Olympic Academy and an auditor of Trec-Ante, the Italian Equestrian Tourism Federation.

He is also entered in the European Register of Tax Advisers of the CFE, in addition to being a member of commissions of the Order of Certified Public Accountants and Accounting Experts of Rome, while he is currently part of the “Accountants in Schools” team behind the educational project “Ragiocando – Ti spiego la finanza” (“Accounting for Fun – Let Me Teach You Finance”), as well as a member of the Finance and Business Commission of the International Business Observatory, serving as the liaison with SACE and SIMEST.


We strongly believe that business opportunities should be identified following an in-depth, 360-degree study capable of throwing light on new prospects and new points of view. We offer our clients integrated services and customised solutions designed, first and foremost, to leave them both satisfied and successful.


To offer practical responses to the requests of our clients and solutions to their problems, accompanying and assisting businesses along their path to success. Our goal is a result reflected not only figures, but even more importantly by the happiness of those who come to us for the mix of passion, knowledge, innovation and human understanding offered by our services.


Reliability, willingness to listen, transparency, pragmatism, independence, passion and a constant striving for excellence: our values serve as the foundation for the unfailing competence and discretion we bring to all professional dealings with our clients.