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OAK provides its clients with practical support for their commercial development on foreign markets, offering them all-encompassing consulting that covers the entire process of internationalisation, with the ultimate goal of managing complex, constantly evolving economic scenarios. Through strategic business vision and planning, client companies are given the tools needed to maximise their performance and reduce risks in dealings in the target market.

To optimise the pursuit of growth objectives on foreign markets, OAK also makes available to its client companies its services as a TEM (Temporary Export Manager), adjusting the various strategic and operational steps to fit the specific characteristics of the client: from an analysis of the company’s international  potential to the identification of its target markets, from an export check-up to the formulation of a strategic plan and the drafting of a business plan, up to and including the implementation of the latter, together with the recruitment of industrial, commercial and financial partners. Within the framework of constant collaboration, each phase is shared and planned together with the client.

In addition to working alongside businesses in drawing up their development projects, OAK provides them with support in procuring the financial resources needed to carry out the efforts, supplying clients with information and specialised support with regard to instruments of facilitated and ordinary financing for projects of internationalisation, research, development and innovation.

Since 2021, OAK has been chosen by SACE as an official partner for assisting Italian companies in learning of, and putting to the best possible use, the SACE and SIMEST instruments available to them. Through exclusive access that includes advantageous procedures and fees, clients of OAK can utilise tools and benefits involving: Digital Factoring, Deferred Payments, Credit Insurance, Construction and Property Guarantees, Warranties, Debt Collection in Italy and Abroad, Facilitated Financing, Capital Holdings and Venture Capital Funds, and Assistance with Export Credits.


Through its advisory activities, OAK sets out to recognise and foresee the changes that occur in complex contexts, in order to enable companies to grow by directing them towards new business opportunities, at the same time as an effort is made to reduce the possible impact of any risks to a minimum.

To complete the consulting on the entry strategy, once the proper target markets have been identified for the company, OAK handles the drafting of a business plan, while overseeing operations of merger and acquisition, and due diligence, in addition to providing organisational consulting, in order to limit the administrative responsibility of organisations, especially with respect to Legislative Decree 231/01.

Furthermore, as a final step, the financial department of OAK analyses the structure, the needs and the cash flows of the company, ensuring that they are all suitable and pointing out any critical problems while proposing corrective measures and evaluating the various potential sources of financing.

In these areas, the contribution of OAK is set apart by the multidisciplinary talents it employs, professionals whose experience, operational skills and networks of relations allow them to fully cover a range of different consulting areas.

  • evaluations of companies and corporate holdings
  • drafting of assessments and estimates, whether voluntary or court-ordered
  • technical consulting provided in the course of civil litigation
  • purchase and sale of holdings
  • company mergers, split-offs and conferrals
  • corporate reorganisations
  • spin-offs and outsourcing of activities
  • joint ventures and other strategic agreements


Oak offers accounting services regarding accounting, taxes, legal affairs and audits to companies and professionals who require complete, precise and timely assistance addressing all their activities.


A complete service for the keeping of accounting records, in accordance with current statutes and regulations, as well as the required economic-financial information disclosures; OAK also draws up reporting, based in the client’s needs, in order to have a precise overview of company operations.

The advantage offered by OAK in the management of accounting & tax activities is the supply of a precise service employing a team of trained professionals with up-to-date knowledge of all the latest accounting and tax regulations.

Finally, the accounting & tax services of OAK also include specialised consulting on international taxation, in order to provide support, on the basis of a fully integrated group plans of taxes and duties, to companies that operate in different companies and under a variety of jurisdictions.

The main areas of specialisation within the departments are:

  • accounting audit and organisation
  • assistance and/or direct keeping of accounting, payslips, benefit contributions
  • assistance with national and international accounting standards
  • assistance with the drafting of year-end, consolidated and extraordinary financial statements
  • accounting due diligence
  • assistance with adversarial technical consulting
  • fulfilment of ordinary and extraordinary corporate requirements
  • management of shareholder relations, corporate bodies and shareholder pacts
  • assistance with the founding of companies in Italy or abroad, with determination of a suitable legal format for the enterprise and drafting of the by-laws
  • tax planning
  • assistance with the national and international tax affairs
  • extraordinary corporate operations: M&A, corporate mergers and split-offs, conferrals of companies etc.
  • corporate restructurings and reorganisations of national and multinational corporate groups
  • assistance to companies during tax audits
  • assistance with tax due diligence reviews
  • assistance with voluntary company winding-up procedures
  • establishment of corporate domiciles


Audit activities are an extremely important analytical procedure that allows the client to understand and certify the economic state of the company and its operating results, providing an effective tool for predicting future scenarios.

During audit activities, the figures and information that serve as the groundwork for strategic decisions or actions meant to improve the company’s performance are gathered.

OAK offers audit operations in accounting sectors to verify accuracy under civil law and tax regulation; it also certifies financial statements and prepares the documentation needed for any extraordinary operations. Its consulting approach is based on solid knowledge of the client company, of the market in which it operates, of the strategies it is enacting, of the risks it may face and of the objectives it sets itself.

  • drafting of opinions on corporate governance
  • participation in company bodies as members of boards of directors, boards of auditors, bodies of oversight, as per Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, liquidators of companies and organisations


A special division of OAK provides services and consulting regarding civil-law procedures, taxes, accounting and finance as they relate to the world of volunteer activities, non-profit associations, social cooperation and entities of the third sector in general. We assist clients with all activities of general interest typical of the “enterprises” of the third sector: procedures for the foundation of organisations, associations, foundations and cooperatives, the drafting of by-laws and internal regulations, entry in consolidated national registers of the third sector, facilitated terms for obtaining credit through solidarity securities and social lending, as well as financial statements and assessments of the social impact of the activities of organisations.

We assist with procedures for the recognition of legal status, including that of foreign organisations, and for entry on rolls and in registers in general.