Always alongside our clients, together with our partners.

A partner of OAK for consulting on business and corporate law, situation of bankruptcy and business crises, tenders, infrastructure and litigation.

In the area of consulting for the strategic corporate planning, OAK works with Overeagles to provide its clients with an integrated service for the formulation of business plans, feasibility studies and business development projects.

Works with OAK on domestic and international contractual affairs, network contracts, tenders and incentives, state subsidies and European funds, debt restructuring and procedures for settling crises of excess indebtedness and execution proceedings on movable and fixed assets.

An Italian consulting firm focussed on cross-border activities between Italy and a number of the leading Asian markets: India, Arab Emirates and China.

The first such cross-cultural firm based in Italia, with a team of professionals and specialists ready to assist Italian companies seeking to work on projects involving China. OAK collaborates with Value China to provide advanced digital solutions for businesses whose target is the Chinese market.

For more than 10 years, it has been busy exploring the possibilities and opportunities offered by the African continent. A partner of OAK in the implementation of all projects for clients who wish to develop their business with the “continent of the future”.

A pool of business consulting professionals headquartered in California. Works with OAK in offering support services to companies that wish to enter one of the world’s most liberal and attractive business environments: the United States market.