Our client is a company that manages a resort in Italy known throughout the world as one of the best to be found anywhere, located on 115 acres of a natural site of tropical splendour that holds 8 exclusive hotels plus 13 villas.

Seeing that the resort’s clients come from all over the world, providing them with a satisfactory, user-friendly on-line experience is of key importance. This exclusive clientele, with its elevated spending power and unending search for luxury, requires the utmost in service, including on-line. This is why a periodic review of the channels of communications, resulting in ongoing improvements and updates, was deemed necessary.

And so the OAK team supported the company in financing a project for the re-engineering of all the technical and communications components of its e-commerce portal, in order to make more effective use of the marketing and sales tools, with particular focus on: the indexing on search engines, social media and e-commerce.

With the funding obtained from Simest for the development of electronic marketing, at an amount of approximately 300,000 euro, 40% of which does not have to be repaid, the company was able to strengthen its competitiveness on international markets.