A client of ours in Verona, a company with more than forty years of experience in the sector of high-end carpets, requested our services as a Temporary Expert Manager for the structuring of a commercial-expansion project in Russia.

The company is one of Italy’s top producers of carpets and flooring fabrics, which it custom-fits, the way a tailor does with a suit, to the setting to be decorated, drawing on the product’s almost infinite capacity for adaptation. As is the case with high-fashion garments, the design, the materials and the finishing touches are the outcome of extensive experimentation and study, ultimately leading to custom-fit, top-quality carpets for hotels, banks, homes, offices, yachts and private planes.

The TEM service provided by OAK includes a number of different strategic steps. To start, we organised in-depth briefings at the company, both to become better acquainted with the product and to work together on the structure of a suitable strategy for promoting and selling it in the target market. Next we did a detailed study of the market, focussing on identifying professional figures and companies operating in the luxury sector and showing a particular interest for “Made in Italy” products.  Our scouting activities generated contacts of interest to our Client: interior-design and architecture firms, stores selling high-end furnishings. We also analysed the competition, seeking to determine the right sales prices for the products and the marketing strategies best suited to entering the market selected.

With the assistance of OAK, the company not only carried out the above project, but it was also able to draw on Simest funds for internationalisation, obtaining more than 100,000 euro in financing, 50% of which does not have to be repaid.