Our client, one of Italy’s leading coffee manufacturers, turned to us to increase its competitive strength internationally.

Founded in 1950 as a small, artisanal processer of coffee, the company today keeps the tradition of fine Italian coffee going in more than 60 countries. From Brazil to India, as well as Ethiopia and Vietnam, it favour non-intensive coffee plantations, as well as those that avoid the use of toxic substances or pesticides and respect their workforces.

The OAK team was briefed by the client on the procedures and goals to be met, with an analysis of the sectors to be focussed on; strangely enough, the new challenges and changed market conditions brought about by the pandemic crisis had accelerated the company’s growth process, especially in international markets.

As a result, the company’s top priority becoming inverting the shares of its volume of business between domestic and foreign sales by sharply stimulating digital marketing. In practical terms, this meant that the company needed to internationalise its on-line shop and develop marketing activities geared towards heightening brand awareness.

Only a few weeks after receiving the assignment, we presented three projects that were founded by Simest for an overall amount of 1 million euro, 50% of which did not have to be repaid: a project for raising more capital, another for renovating the company’s website, especially with regard to on-line sales, and a third for opening an e-commerce portal in the world’s most popular marketplace.

Thanks to the funding obtained, the company was able to reinforce its financial solidity, increase its competitiveness on foreign markets and create a site that was completely new, both in terms of its contents and thanks to the use of the most advanced commercial strategies currently available.