Our client, a young, cutting-edge company in the field of efficient energy management, designs and produces devices for the remote reading of meters.

The company came to us for a feasibility study on introducing a new remote-reading product on the Irish market. The first step was to draw up, in synergy with the company’s team of professionals, the details and objectives to be achieved. The OAK team drafted a feasibility study meant to determine the possibilities for successful distribution of the company’s products in the market for the monitoring of electrical consumption in Ireland. We naturally had to analyse a good many technical details of the product and the target market, so as to determine whether the system used to read meters in Italy would be compatible with Ireland’s electrical system, and what adjustments would need to be made, after which a purely commercial analysis was carried out.

Understanding the best channel of communication to use in Ireland was of fundamental importance, as was getting a feel for the purchasing power of Irish customers, both residential and corporate. Our feasibility study defined these technical and commercial prerequisites in detail.

Ultimately, with the specialised support of OAK, the company not only carried out the project referred to above, but it also benefitted from Simest internationalisation funding for more than 80,000 euro, of which approximately 40% does not have to be paid back.